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Many people ask themselves these questions when their criminal record is hindering their ability to move forward with their lives or get a job:  “I have an old conviction, how can I get it off my record?”; or, “What is an expungement?”; or “How do I clear my record?”.  The worst thing a person can attempt to do is try to navigate or answer these questions themselves.  The answer is simple, however–contact us now!  Pat Carey can have the paperwork for your dismissal filed today, and you will be on your way to a clean record free of any criminal convictions.

Many people try handle expungements themselves.  The only problem: they fail time after time.  When someone walks into court with a lawyer like Pat Carey who has a reputation in Manhattan Beach and the surrounding areas, the chances of having your case dismissed instantly go up.  Pat Carey likely personally knows the prosecutor who will be making the decision whether or not to object to your expungement.  Do the smart thing–contact our office now to get the process going.




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