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If you are caught driving a vehicle while your license is suspended, you can be charged with this misdemeanor offense.  Your license can be suspended for a multitude of reasons, and simply claiming you “didn’t know” your license was suspended will not save you from this charge.  Many people have their license suspended for failure to pay child support or for a prior DUI conviction.  If you drive on a suspended license because of a prior DUI conviction, without a proper defense, you will be REQUIRED to spend at a minimum of 10 days in county jail.

The penalties for this offense can include up to six months in county jail, a fine of $1,000, and a 30 day impound of your vehicle.

The fines for this, and many crimes in California, can justify hiring a talented and well respected lawyer like Pat Carey.  Although the maximum fine is listed, you should understand that other fees usually cause these fines to triple or even quadruple.  Should you chose to represent yourself and chose a cheap lawyer, the results in court could lead to harsher penalties and harsher fines, proving you in fact saved yourself no money at all.


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