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Law Offices of J. Patrick Carey

Heena P.

Only a few attorneys can say they know what the prosecutor is thinking. Pat is in a unique position where he has knowledge from both sides of the table. And he can use that unique insight to help his clients in ways other criminal defense attorneys cannot. Whether it was arguing a case in the courtroom, teaching young students about their rights, or advising law students about their future careers in criminal law, it was always apparent that Pat was extremely knowledgeable and passionate about the law. He is an experienced attorney and any client would be lucky to have him represent them. Without hesitation, I endorse this attorney.

Peter M.

With 7 years experience and much of it as a former Deputy District Attorney he has huge advantage over many defense attorneys. “They know that he knows what they know”. His pro bono contributions to date here on avvo indicate that he has an excellent knowledge of both the law and procedure. Do yourself a favor and schedule a consultation.

Matt R.

I first met Pat as a DA in Torrance, he is a true advocate and smart but what set him apart was his reasonable personality and the fact he is a nice guy and a gentleman.

Adam B.

Highly recommend Mr Carey’s services. He is incredibly knowledgable and extremely professional. He took care of my legal situation with no problem at all.