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Commonly referred to as a “Wet Reckless,” the charge is actually “Driving With a Measurable Amount of Alcohol: California Vehicle Code Section 23103 per 23103.5.

No one actually every gets originally charged with a “Wet Reckless” offense but it usually pled down from and original DUI charge by an attorney.

“In my 8 years as a prosecutor, I never once saw someone representing themselves earn a reduction to a Wet Reckless.”
– Pat Carey, former Deputy District Attorney who handled thousands of DUI cases.

To earn this reduction, it takes a two fold approach by an attorney who has mastered the law on DUI: (1) look to the facts of the case to see the prosecutor’s weaknesses in proving a DUI, and (2) look at the law; did the police make any mistakes in the investigation?

By discovering these things, Pat Carey is able to earn a reduction from your DUI charge to a “Wet Reckless”. The fines you would be required to pay would be slashed in half; the alcohol program would be reduced from a 3-month requirement to a 1-day requirement; and most notably, you would NOT be required to have the Ignition Interlock Device (in-car breathlyzer machine) installed in your car. (In 2014, the law in California was changed requiring the device be installed on EVERY car after a DUI conviction.)

Should you chose to represent yourself or chose a cheap lawyer, the results in court could lead to harsher penalties and harsher fines, proving you in fact saved yourself no money at all.

For example, while a District Attorney, Pat Carey trained not only Police Officers, but young Deputy District Attorneys on how to handle DUI cases. With this knowledge, he is able to, in some cases, have the charges reduced or even dismissed. Reduced charges leads to reduced court fines, saving you more money than you would have if you had chosen to represent yourself.